I am the Assistant Program Director for Radio One in Charlotte, NC. I also work as the Midday On-Air Personality from 10am til 3pm weekdays on WOSF-FM Old School 105.3.
    On Air Schedule
    Olympia D M 10:00am - M 3:00pm
    Tu 10:00am - Tu 3:00pm
    W 10:00am - W 3:00pm
    Th 10:00am - Th 3:00pm
    F 10:00am - F 3:00pm
    Sa 9:00am - Sa 9:15am
    Sa 9:15am - Sa 9:45am
    Sa 9:45am - Sa 10:15am
    Sa 10:00pm - Sa 11:45pm
    Sa 11:45pm - Su 12:00am