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Valentine’s Day 2012 is here. If you are like me you haven’t had time to really consider what to get that special person in your life.  And if you are really like me you want to make sure that your gift has meaning (I wouldn’t be caught dead giving candy or wine – no diss).

I had absolutely no idea what to get the man I love; so, I did what any good girlfriend would do in the 9th hour – I Googled my options.

Here are a few I found from lovingyou.com. I was particularly impressed with the originality of the ideas and that many of them could still be implemented with perfection on the day of. Even better is that they were all submitted by actual people!

Heart Shaped Guitar Picks

My boyfriend and I had only been dating a short while before Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t really want to get something super expensive. I just wanted to do something small and meaningful. He plays guitar, so I went out and bought a dozen guitar picks. I took a pair of scissors and trimmed them into hearts. Then I filed down the edges and put them all in a little clear bag tied with a ribbon. I made a card and I picked out candy hearts with the messages I liked on them. When we were exchanging our gifts on Valentine’s Day, I gave him the picks and he loved them. Then I gave him one candy heart at a time and told him he had to do everything they said on them, like “hold me,” “hug me,” and “kiss me.” He loved the whole thing.

–submitted by Sophie

Gifts on the Hour

For Valentine’s Day one year, I decided to give my fiancé a gift every hour he was at work. When he got to work at 8:30, a simple little card was there waiting for him wishing him a happy Valentine’s Day. At 9:30, his breakfast was delivered (an omelet, hash browns, sausage, toast and orange juice). At 10:30, I sent him a huge batch of balloons. I made his favorite cream cheese cookies and had them delivered by one of my good friends wearing a clown costume at 11:30. At 12:30, a pizza and a soda came for his lunch. I sent him a huge gift bag of candy at 1:30. By this time, everyone he worked with congregated in his office on the hour waiting to see what was coming. He felt so special. I think everyone was pretty jealous. At 2:30, a stuffed frog was delivered that said, “I love you” on it. And finally at 3:30, I delivered a dozen red roses in a vase to him to say, “I love you!” I had so much fun planning the whole day, and he really loved it.

–submitted by Kelly

Application For Love

This year’s Valentine’s Day is special because we are finally engaged after a four-year long distance relationship. As a gift for my fiancé, I wrote a cover letter and resume to apply for the position to be his wife. In the cover letter I explained why I wanted to apply for the position, and also what I thought made me qualified for it. My resume was filled with a history of events and good times we’d spent together over the past four years. Under skills, I listed special things I do that please him (adding in a few risqué skills). He loved it and gave me the job!

–submitted by Yoko

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