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I didn’t watch the Arsenio Hall Show much; so, I can’t tell you too much about his style as a late-night show host or about who he had on the show.  But like most I remember his signature chant and one of his signature opening skits – Things That Make You Go Hmmm. Lately that has been a running theme in my mind.  I have found that people do some strange things and that everything that glitters is not gold.  So, I thought I would bring back Arsenio’s Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

Our History Maker: Arsenio Hall

Today I am really pondering …

…what happened to respectful kids? For the past few weeks I’ve taught social media class for youth at local high schools. I have found that today’s students these days have absolutely no respect.  I don’t remember a time in school when it was acceptable to openly pass notes, text teach other during class or sleep. I mean it wasn’t permitted during regular class time, but it definitely wasn’t permitted when visitors came.  It’s like these kids could care less about the image they are sending … and what’s worse is the teachers don’t really care. It saddens me because these kids will be the ones who will lead us in the future. Guess I better get ready to work until the day I die!

why is it so hard for black women to get along? Tonight Basketball Wives (The Original) airs and I am not sure if I am really ready to see all the fighting and backbiting that goes on that show.  I think it was cool when the reality was theirs and not mine … but really … that reality is real. I attended an event this weekend with people I have known for years – since freshmen year of college.  We aren’t all friends and there were some new people in the mix, but I would expect that we could all be cordial and mature.  While there wasn’t any BBW fighting there was definitely tension and childish immature talking behind the backs. I have to say that the older I get my tolerance for bullish gets smaller and smaller.  I just don’t understand black women.  Why can’t we get along? We don’t have to be the Get Along Gang, but can we at the very least show some respect for each other? Please understand that I truly believe that you shouldn’t have to spend time with people you don’t like. So, I am not advocating for us hanging out. I am just saying … let the eye rolls, subliminal messages and jocking for attention go.  No need for all that.  Speak and keep it moving … act like she ain’t there … but don’t act like you five! It always seems that the women who are popular and/or cute have the hardest time getting along with other women.  I wonder why? Is it insecurity?Whatever the reason, we have to do better (and I am including myself in the Need To Do Better Crew).

Catfight: Black Women Need To Do Better

… what really made Arsenio’s mother name him Arsenio?

#ijs that has to be one of the ugliest names of life … life really!

What’s on your mind? What’s making you go hmmm? Email me at brawilliams@radio-one.com let me know.

Until next time …

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