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With the rise of the mega church, we are seeing pastors doing very well financially.  It is sometimes hard to determine if  your leader is really anointed in the word.  Here’s how you can tell if your minister is a pastor …

1-Does your minster care more about visiting the sisters than visiting the sick?

2- Does your minister care more about his clothing than he does about clothing the poor?

3-Does your minister care more about hooking up at the convention than

helping the elderly keep their gas and electric hooked up?

4-Does your minister care more about his first lady’s appearance than visiting the prison?

5-Does your minister spend more on cars and bling than feeding the hungry?

6-Does your minister have more groupies than Denzel Washington?

7-Does your minister care more about preaching than he does about pastoring?

8-Does your minister have a bigger house than the homeless shelter?

9-Does your minister give out more hugs to the women in the church than

the church gives scholarships to young people?

10-Does your minister condemn gay folks so you won’t notice his and his fellow ministers’ male and female lovers?

If you answered yes to five of these questions then your have a pimp instead of a pastor.

But remember, he wouldn’t be that way if you hadn’t allowed it to happen!

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