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Is Chickfila anti-gay? There will be over 541,000 people planned to show up at Chickfila today in support of CEO Dan Cathy comments, when he said that marriage should be with a man and women only! the gay community is in in a uproar!-I am not anti-Gay marriage but picking on a company with excellent service and product; that has proven to be consistent with their Christian principles is VERY hypocritical!! To think that some same-sex champions want to make Chick-Fil-A’s stance their new scapegoat is at odds with the very thing that the Gay & Lesbian alliance have been complaining about–BEING OSTRACIZED FOR HOW THEY LIVE THEIR LIFE!!–It’s like saying: ‘Ohhhh, you don’t agree with us, you don’t live like us..COOL–we’ll run you out of town and hurt your chance of doing business!<—sound familiar Black people?? I mean, really, wth??!! ChickenHasBeenGoodToBlackFoolks—don’t trip now,LOL!

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