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There is a great movie out right now called “Flight” starring Denzel Washington. Where he plays a airplane pilot, trying to land a plane that’s bound to crash! Out of 120 passengers only 6 die. But because of his alcohol abuse in his personal life, he is faced with the tough consequences of bearing the burden of those loss lives. Which lands him behind the bars facing his own demons of drugs and alcohol abuse. This is where he begins to try and re-bulid the broken relationship he has with his son. The most powerful part in the movie to me was when his son came to visit him in prison, his teacher gave him the assignment of interveiwing someone in his family. He wanted to write a essay on his father (Denzel) he titles it “The Greatest Man I Never Met”. Just like the movie, my real life father was an alcoholic. Which eventually had caused a burden on him and my mothers failed marriage, at the time of his death (car accident) I don’t know if was alcohol related, I was only 5 yrs old and I never got the opportunity to meet him. But ohh how I wish I could have talked to him, known him, and made him proud of me. I think about it often.  President Barak obama said “We as Men, wanna make our fathers proud of us, and don’t want to re-peat their mistakes” I agree with our President 100%, and I  know this is the reason, I’m so hands on with my own kids. Because I don’t want them to have to relive, what I struggled with my whole life. Not knowing the man who gave me life. So with the season of Thanksgiving approaching I want to encourage everyone. If your Parents are still living take the time out to go see them, call them, or just spend those priceless moments that will never be replaced, they last a lifetime. Remember the most important things in life aren’t things at all. Have a great holiday everyone.

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