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By Dr. Dip

At a recent Wednesday Salsa Social, when we were taking a break from dancing, the conversation turned to dating troubles. Two of the guys complained about how they thought they met “Ms. Right” but she turned out to be “Ms. Really Wrong.” I was shocked that these two salseros (Male Salsa Dancers) were having problems identifying the warning signs of extremely possessive and bossy women. As the conversation continued, two salseras (Lady Salsa Dancers) entered the conversation. By that time, I couldn’t remain quiet any longer.  I told the two guys that they weren’t using their “Magical Power.” The guys looked a bit confused because they didn’t know that they had any magical power. The special power that I was referring to was the power of dance. I told the guys that they can find out almost anything about a woman by dancing with her. I used the two salseras who entered the conversation as examples.

During my dances with Angie, I sometimes give her a right turn signal, but she turns left. Other times, I’ll try a new move from dance class and we end up creating an entirely different move. What all of this tells me about Angie is that she is a free spirit. In a relationship, she will not be easily controlled or bossed around because she is every eccentric. On the other hand, during my dances with Maria, she wants to know what we are doing before we try a new move. She wants to make sure that she doesn’t end up with her face on the floor because of our dance experiments. In a relationship, Maria needs to feel safe and secure before she commits to anything new.

Angie and Maria had a look of shock and disbelief on their faces as I explained what they communicate on the dance floor. The guys were excited to find out that dancing was their “Magical Power.” I cautioned them to use their power responsibly, and I let them know that the ladies have access to the same special power (especially when dancing Bachata).

Dr. Dip

Charlotte’s Salsa Ambassador

Dr. Dip is the salsa name for our finance columnist Rashad Phillips. He typically writes about ways to save money and build wealth, but he’s such a passionate salsa dancer that he wrote the guest column for us.

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Dr. Dip

Charlotte’s Salsa Ambassador

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