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Missing Women Ramsey

Everyone remembers Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man that discovered the three women who were kidnapped and held against their will for years by his neighbor, Ariel Castro. Well, after making his discovery, Ramsey racked up over $30,000 in donations from supporters across the world and speaking engagements. Not to mention, he has been booked for several other speaking engagements that promises to bring in an additional $50,000. Despite all of these money making opportunities, he’s crying “BROKE”!

Ramsey is now claiming that he can’t keep a job because of the attention he gets. Siting that he was fired from his restaurant job, because so many people would come into the kitchen where he was working to personally shake his hand. One publication even stated that Ramsey was homeless. However, that has been proven not true. Ramsey stated that he still has a home in Cleveland, but chooses not to stay there because of people always knocking at his door.

So, what’s the moral of this story? Well, as Ramsey puts it…. “Only a fool and his money parts. Money goes fast if you have bills.” One thing is for sure, he won’t go hungry since McDonalds has vowed to provide him with free burgers for life, due to the numerous plugs he gave them during his on-camera interviews!

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