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“Nelson Mandela represented what every leader should to fulfill a duty to a people through the world. He was a beacon of hope, bravery and courage. His legacy will forever reign. He was a man of conviction whose vision inspired true change.” — Mayor Patrick Cannon.

“President Nelson Mandela is the definition of persistence and leadership. He is a true example that good people can finish first. His example will give guidance to many of us in leadership for generations to come,” — City council member David Howard.

“Nelson Mandela led South Africa is a way we can all be proud. He lived true to justice. We have lost a great man; may we continue to remember his sacrifices for his country and his leadership for all of us.” — City Council Member Vi Lyles.

“He made such a self-sacrifice to enable a way of life. What an incredible inspiration to the world.” — Charlotte Center City Partners CEO Michael Smith.

“Nelson Mandela was so human. He never called attention to himself or gave you the feeling that anything he said was more important than anybody else.” — Attorney James Ferguson told the Charlotte Observer. “Here was someone who was already almost legendary, who had such stature for the entire world. And yet to be so unassuming, with us, and with a child.”

“While his tongue is now silenced, his words of hope, courage, love, peace, and tolerance will speak to mankind throughout the world for years. He was, indeed, a drum major for peace.” — Former Mecklenburg County Manager Harry Jones.

“His life’s work will stand as an example for people around the world who are committed to social justice, social change and affirming the human dignity of every individual. His legacy of moral courage is so great that it will live beyond the boundaries of time and place.” — Dr. Ron Carter, president of Johnson C. Smith University. Mandela’s grandson attends JCSU. According to news reports, Mandela’s grandson flew to South Africa on Thursday evening to be with his family.

“In South Africa Nelson Mandela was the symbol of the struggle and he became the symbol of the “new South Africa. He had a dream and he realized that dream. He looked gentle but he was a fierce warrior for the rights of his people. Long live the legacy of Nelson Mandela.” – Carolyn Flowers, CEO Cats

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