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teacher students classroom - teacher students classroom

A teacher’s job is hard as hell. Every day, Monday through Friday, they carefully and meticulously put together a lesson plan. Then they stand in front of a bunch of entitled, self-important snots who proceed to ignore it or throw it back in the teachers’ face.

If through some miracle a teacher walks into this situation and thrives, you would think that the school would do their damndest to hold them up against their bosom and keep their position protected, right?

Not in Jennifer Mitts’ case. She dared to take a sick student to the hospital and pay their medical bill because the kid didn’t have health insurance. Because this was her second time doing this (the first kid had pneumonia and a variety of other ailments while being pregnant) they fired her without even giving her a hearing.

jennifer mitts petition reinstatement - jennifer mitts petition reinstatement

Sound like BULLsh*t to you?

Just you wait. School administrators seem to have itchy trigger fingers.


Teacher of the year fired for holding a Trayvon Martin fundraiser

trayvon martin picture - trayvon martin picture


Fired for leaving her room to put out a fire in another

fired teacher news interview - fired teacher news interview


Fired for modeling pics, then posed for Hustler

olivia sprauer victoria james bikini photo - olivia sprauer victoria james bikini photo


Fired for modeling pics, then goes into porn

tiffany shepherd modeling photo - tiffany shepherd modeling photo


Suspended for modeling pics, then reinstated

Kaitlin Pearson bikini modeling photos - Kaitlin Pearson bikini modeling photos


Fired for not believing in God

painting of jesus christ - painting of jesus christ


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