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Negative people can bring us down and drain our energy. Whether a child, a spouse or a co-worker is fraught with negativity, we are most benefited by being positive. When we are surrounded by these individuals, however, it can be especially challenging. As a result, use some of these tips from shine.com to help deal with the negativity that effects you:

1. Don’t Argue: People who are generally negative do not respond positively to arguing. Instead of seeing your point, arguing will only reinforce an already bad attitude. They tend to see a positive person’s arguing as lack of validation and will only become more defensive.

2. Ask for Specific Examples: Generalities are commonplace among those who are negative. Asking them for specific examples, however, forces them to really think about what they are saying. It will help them to either see that they are being too harsh or unrealistic…or will help them to get to the real heart of the matter of what is causing their negativity.

3. Point out the Positive: As corny as this may seem, I’m a believer in the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” Finding the silver lining to unhappy situations can potentially “rub off” on those who tend to focus on the negative. Don’t overdo it, however, as too much positivity can come off as insincere and more frustrating than anything else. Try to shed positive light with a balanced approach…understand and validate their feelings and perspectives, but point out the sunny side of the situation.


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